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Whilst it may take weeks to go through the small print, see our 'snapshot' of how it may affect you.

BUDGET - 11th March 2020

Whilst it may take weeks to go through the small print, see below our 'snapshot' of how the March 2020 budget may affect you


Income tax rates and bands remain the same.


The “Nil Rate Band” remains at £325,000 until April 2021.   The “Residence Nil Rate Band” will increase to £175,000 from £150,000 from April 2020.  No measures taken for single people without children.


An increase to the amount of pension contributions that can be made for some higher earners from 6th April 2020.     The “tapered” annual allowance has been increased by £90,000, BUT, those with total earnings of over approx. £300,000 are likely to see their maximum pension contributions reduce from £10,000 pa to £4,000 pa.

The changes are seen to help a lot of high earners but especially with Doctors, Consultants and GPs in mind.

The Lifetime Allowance limit is increased to £1,073,000 from 6th April 2020 – in line with CPI.


The limit for investment into Junior ISA plans increases to £9,000 from £4,368 from 6th April 2020.


The current limit of £20,000 per annum stays unchanged.


Self-employed and employees will not start to pay NI Contributions until earnings reach £9,500.


Entrepreneurs who sell their businesses may face an increase to the Capital Gains Tax paid.

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This information is based on our current understanding of the changes announced.

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